A Starter Course on Jacques Ellul

Why the Interest?
Ellul did a lot of early work on how to make moral choices in a technological society. If a thing is technically possible, does that make it automatically morally right to do it? Are we being victims of a "Technological Bluff" -- that we must go the way technology is leading us?

Brief bio sketch
Jacques Ellul was born in Bordeaux, France on January 6, 1912. During the mid-1930's he was a member of the French Communist Party, and then fought with the French Resistance during World War II. He also taught at Bordeaux's law school and its Institute of Political Studies.

He wrote 43 books, mostly about theology and ethics. He was concerned about how to maintain moral values in a technological society.

He died in May of 1994, in Bordeaux.

Online References
Some of Ellul's material is in the Archives at Wheaton. The following has some information about Ellul and his writings.
One of his sermons is entitled _The Church of Euthanasia_.

How to Get His Books
Some of Ellul's books have been translated into English.
His first bestseller in the US was "The Technological Society", published in France in 1950, and in the US in 1964 by Knopf.
He re-wrote and expanded that book into "The Technological Bluff", which was published in 1990 by Eerdmans Publishing Co. of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was translated by Geoffrey W. Bromily. The ISBN number is 0-8028-3678-X.
Another book available in English is "Reason for Being -- a Meditation on Ecclesiastes", translated by Joyce Main Hanks. It was published in 1990 by Eerdmans. The French title was "La Raison d'etre."

Some Quotes from Ellul.

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